Purchase Atomoxetine online to keep your ADHD syndrome controlled!

Living with ADHD syndrome is impossible without external aid. People suffering from ADHD commonly perform the symptoms of attention disorders, impulsive behavior, hyperactivity. The syndrome may develop at age from 6 to 12. There are cases with later development of symptoms. The syndrome cannot be cured but there are effective treatments which help to control the symptoms and enjoy a normal life.

One of the remedies used for treatment of ADHD in kids, adolescents and adults is Atomoxetine. You can purchase Atomoxetine online after being consulted by your psychiatrist and prescribed an optimum dosage. The remedy is performed in a variety of dosages starting from 10mg to 100mg. The drug needs commonly from 2 to 4 weeks to perform its therapeutic effect. During this period a patient is not recommended to get the treatment management. The Atomoxetine pills don’t develop addiction which enables the remedy to be administered even in the youngest patients. There are not studies of cases of Atomoxetine used in children under 6.

Being prescribed the medication a patient should be warned about major side effects which the drug performs. Most patients report problems with digestion, sleeping disorders, headaches and excessive fatigue. However it does not mean that the remedy will perform the side effects in your case. Among minor but still important side effects there are sexual disorders reported by men (erectile disorders and abnormal ejaculation).

The drug may be abruptly discontinued as it does not develop addiction and does not perform withdrawal effect. If a patient does not notice any effect after 4 weeks of constant treatment with Atomoxetine then a dosage should be increased or another remedy to control the symptoms should be prescribed. Atomoxetine does not provoke suicidal behavior however the remedy is indicated by FDA as being potential to develop suicidal thoughts.